Dimitris Klouvatos / Studio Enginner

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New is Good, Nuevo is Perfect!

Who is Dimitris?
– I was born on 16 September 1992 in Athens,Greece and I’m still here…

What is your role in Nuevo?
– I’m the studio engineer! Im working on all technical things about the good function of the station.

How do you discover your passion for Radio?
– As a young kid remember my first microphone and an old computer! I found a way to express my self by making an internet radio for me and my school friends! That’s where everything starting! I spent a lot of hours on it! Now it’s my daily ”routine” and I’m in love with it!

How do you feel, when you listen to the Radio?
– Radio VS Stress 3-0 from half-time!

What is your best time and place to listen to the Radio?
– I think in the car! I can’t handle all that traffic so I really need radio!

Which is your favorite Song?
– Limahl- Never Ending Story! Yes I’m a movieholic and always stucking with songs from movies!


Which is your best Nuevo Radio Show?
– Vocal Deep House! CHECK IT NOW!

Why Nuevo??
– It’s simple Nuevo has one of the best non-stop playlist with new tracks every week, without interruptions!

Your Favourite Quote?

“Life’s a game,all you have to do, is know how to play it.”

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